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The Goodwin Girl Story

KARMA Company, LLC is a family owned and operated business run by Amy (Mother and Wife), Trevor (Father and Husband), Anthony (Son and Brother), Kayla (Daughter and Sister) and Mya (Daughter and Sister). Goodwin Girls is the first brand to be launched by Karma Company and this is how it all started.

Trevor has been launching businesses for years now and is known in the community as a Serial Entrepreneur (that's a compliment right)?  His creative, crazy ideas are responsible for a Candle Company, a photography business, and a Cupcake Shop that was featured on Cupcake Wars!  What type of crazy ideas you ask? They ended up sending a cupcake to the edge of space! More recently, he taught himself to screen print shirts and started selling them on Amazon.  One day, he asked his youngest daughter, Mya, if she could design her own shirt, what would it look like?  Mya quickly got to work, she drew a Unicorn, shooting stars and Be You on a piece of paper.  She cut them all out and arranged them on a blank T-Shirt.  Trevor finalized the design and taught Kayla how to screen print.  Just like that the Goodwin Girls were making shirts and they were selling on Amazon!  Since then, Mya's design and Kayla's printing has lead to over 200 sales and brought in over $3,000 in revenue!

They are building from that initial momentum and taking the brand to the next level. Amy wanted to join in the fun, and add to the Goodwin Girls' line up with funny wine related shirts and stemless glasses. They also brought Anthony on to help with designs and he came up with the official logo for Goodwin Girls (below).  A creative representation of the two Gs from Goodwin Girls forming a heart!


The Goodwin Girls didn't want Trevor to feel left out, so they assign him duties so he is a part of this amazing brand as well, a true family project.


All of Goodwin Girls' shirts are printed at their home in Kansas City, Missouri and they have many ideas for new products to add to their exciting lineup.   They are currently available for sale on Amazon with prime shipping.  As the company grows, they will begin shipping items directly to customers to allow for quicker, new product drops.  Stay tuned for announcements and sign up for the Goodwin Girls' Newsletter on the bottom of any web page!

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