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Hello All, I’m Trevor, you know the “R” in KARMA… wait let me help that make sense.  I’m Trevor LeRONy Goodwin and I was named after my Father, Trevor and Grandfather Lerony.  Growing up, (I hated my middle name, but I’ll save that story for a different day) since my Father’s name was Trevor, my family called (and still call me) Ron.  I guess if you are reading to this point, I consider you family and I can reintroduce myself!


Hello All, I’m Ron, the “R” in KARMA! I’m the youngest of 4 (two sisters and a brother) husband and father to 3 amazing kids.  I was born and raised in South Florida, moved to Atlanta in my early 20s and then to Missouri in 2003.  Both of my parents were born and raised in Jamaica and I feel my drive to start my own business is in my DNA and a part of my heritage. Growing up, I had a knack for doing jobs to earn spending money.  Mowing lawns, washing cars, handing out flyers, selling mix CDs or just going door to door selling items, I was willing to try new things and hustle up some money.


As I grew and learned, the ideas and hustles grew as well.  I have always taken a measured approach to business ideas as I never wanted to be set back so far it would be detrimental to maintaining myself and my family.  I kept a full time job and worked my businesses as side hustles.  When Amy and I got together we were able to take a team approach and pair our time and talents in ways to allow for quicker growth.  When Amy moved to Georgia, we started (or I surprised Amy with) our first business venture, Amy Lynn’s Candles.  While still doing candles, we started our photography business, Goodwin Photography.  In the middle of those I had side-side hustles like selling lucky bamboo (LOL, I got issues, I can’t stop selling stuff).  When Amy started making cupcakes, The Sweet Tooth, our bakery business grew so quickly and demanded so much time that we had to close the candle business and eventually the photography company as well.


We ended up selling The Sweet Tooth, and it’s still going strong under a new name, Simply Frosted. My drive to own our own business did not end there.  I taught myself how to screen print T shirts and have been selling items on Amazon for about 4 years now.  In early 2021, we made KARMA Company, and brought in the whole family. There is so much more to the story, and I plan to share more through one of our brands, Grab the Bag.  I think it’s the ideal way for me to document my issues (always selling stuff) and help others find the motivation and inspiration to start making and selling items.  My goal is to turn one of my side hustles into my main hustle and leave my full time job behind.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you follow along as we take this journey.


Trevor Ron Goodwin

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