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About MYA

What’s up ya’ll?!  My name is Mya, I’m 10 years old and I’m the youngest Goodwin Girl.


Here’s a bit more info about me!


I’m in 4th grade and my favorite subject is art….Because its awesome!  I am a member of the Student Council Media Team, Circus Skills Club (yes it’s a real thing with unicycles and all) and Classy Cats Choir.


My favorite season is fall because my birthday is in October (I’m in the double digits now), halloween is always fun, I love the beautiful colors of the tree’s and the cool weather. Other random things I like; the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell in the air after it rains.


I love to draw which is probably no surprise since art is my favorite subject. I mostly draw people and characters.  I even designed the first Goodwin Girls t-shirt, “Be You” Unicorn tee! I made this design to encourage others to always be themselves. I chose a unicorn because they are beautiful, colorful & magical, just like people.


As our family business grows I hope that we make lots of money. Not just so I can buy more LOL Dolls and fidgets but so we can also share it with other people in need.


Well, I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me.


P.S. Always be kind!

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